Managing the People Headlines Section in a Meeting

Copy a People Headline to another meeting

How to copy a headline to another meeting with notes:

  1. Click Meetings in the top menu bar
  2. Click Go to Meeting
  3. Click on People Headlines in the Agenda on the left
  4. Copy the headline in one of two ways:
  • Click the right arrow button to the right of the headline title you want to copy, select the appropriate team meeting from the drop-down, and click Save to confirm.
  • Repeat if copying into multiple meetings

The only guideline with copying People Headlines (and moving Issues) is that you can only copy them into meetings you are a member of, or if there is a common user between meetings. Contact us to set up a free common user between all or select meetings.


  • Click on the title of the People Headline you want to copy. In the right-side panel, click the Copy To button in the lower area of the panel. Select the appropriate meeting from the drop-down and click Save. 
  • Repeat if copying into multiple meetings

Important Information

When running a meeting for the sole purpose of copying People Headlines, at the Conclude section un-check the boxes to Close Completed To-Do's and to Close People Headlines to preserve your meeting content until your real L10 occurs. You can also select No One in the drop-down menu next to Send Email Summary.

You may want to remove any unofficial meetings from your meeting history. See this article on the Timeline.

Additional Options for People Headlines During a Meeting

  • The pushpin and checkbox icons to the right of the headline title will create a Context-Aware Issue™ or To-Do™. These Issues and To-Dos will include notes from the People Headline.

Archiving a People Headline

  • People Headlines will by default, be automatically setup to archive at the end of a meeting. On the Conclude agenda page, the checkbox Close people headlines will be checked by default, thus archiving the headline after the meeting concludes.
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