2019 April New Features

Accountability Chart Revamp

Cleaner UI, Improved UX, Faster

View chart by levels

Condensed Chart mode

Descriptive buttons

Search bar improved

Moved editing seats to side panel

Added Re-centering

Workspace dropdown

Set a primary workspace

Access any workspace from any page


Update or add an item to any tile

Added personal scorecard download

To-do list groups by meeting

To-dos show a strike-through on completion

Revamp the stats tile

Added placeholder box on dragging tiles


Add file at create time

Attach to any number of meetings at creation or during editing

Removed the 'about' field from people headlines

Add or remove V/TO measurables

Moved issues show their new meeting

**Added meeting summary subscriptions

Introduced emergency read-only mode**

Bugs/Minor Features

Accountability Chart no longer allows invalid data

Fixed some L10's not loading until refresh

Fixed errors on setting the zoom link

Removed double nav-bar from some pages

Removed duplicate core values from some people analyzers

Removed completed to-dos from meeting summary

Fixed tile dragging bug

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