2020 December New Features

Altered Navigation Bar

Clicking the workspace button at the top left doesn't return you to your primary workspace anymore - it reveals the workspace options. The options within the workspace drop-menu can be used to navigate through the various workspaces and the Traction Tools logo at the top left of the screen can still be used to quickly return to a default workspace.

If the People Tools are activated, clicking the people button in the navigation bar now provides shortcut links to the Accountability Chart™, People Analyzer™, and Quarterly Conversations™, saving time.


The orange navigation bar has been removed from the top portion of the workspace.

Additional whitespace has been added to tiles.

The edit menu has a 'New Workspace' button which creates a new custom workspace.

There is now a scroll bar on the right side of the screen to help when moving tiles around the workspace.

Accountability Chart

The orange navigation bar has been removed from the top portion of the screen.

The search box can now search by function (job title) in addition to employee name.

When dragging and scrolling, there is a blue background grid indicator.

When a box does not have a function, there is a 'Function not set' message within the box.

Right-hand slideout menu

When clicking into a box, there is a 'View user' link that redirects to the user profile page.

There are target icons added to focus directly on a user's exact position on the Accountability Chart as well as their supervisor and direct reports.

Direct reports can be added from this menu by using the blue plus button.

Special Meeting Sessions

There are now built-in meeting modes to run Quarterly, Annual, Focus Day™, and Vision Building™ Day meetings. To learn more, click here.


Traction Tools is proud to announce its integration with Zapier. Zapier is a company that enables users to connect software services together. For example, one could create a Zap that pushes a to-do to a Gmail calendar once it's created in Traction Tools. To learn more, click here.

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