2020 November New Features

Upgraded User Interface and User Experience

A well-functioning software isn’t enough when it comes to meeting management tools. It needs to look great and be easy to use, too. That’s why we put extra time into optimizing the UI/UX experience of the software:

Level 10 Meetings™

Aspects of Level 10 Meetings™ have been updated for easier navigation and visibility:

  • The Scorecard charts have been optimized with a new chart key to easily keep track of measurables.
  • When running your live Level 10 Meeting™ and navigating throughout the agenda, the software will automatically select the first Rock, People Headline, and To-do (when landing on each respective agenda item). Also, using the up and down keyboard keys navigates through the listed items.


We updated the design of the workspace with more whitespace for a cleaner experience and easier readability. 

Personal Rock tile

Following rock progress on a meeting-by-meeting basis should be easy! In the personal rock tile (that shows all your assigned rocks), you will now see rocks organized by the meeting.

Updated archives in “Advanced Settings” (Admin Only)

Before the update, you could only see limited archived Rocks and Measurables. Now you’ll see company-wide archives to gain a better understanding of past projects throughout your whole team. 

our experience matters to us!

We love it when our users give us meaningful feedback. We’re proud to partner with so many great companies and organizations that care as much about internal growth as we do! That’s why when you make suggestions, we listen because we take your experience seriously. 

If you have any questions on any of our new updates, please feel free to reach out to our support team for additional guidance.

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