How to Conclude a Meeting That is Running or Was Started by Accident

Occasionally you may find a meeting with a running clock and find that you are unable to click  Conclude or clicking Conclude takes no action. There's a simple fix:

  1. Click Meetings in the top menu bar.
  2. Click the green Started box next to the running meeting.
  3. On the left side of the L10 meeting, click the Follow Meeting Leader toggle slider button that is located underneath the Agenda. This will move it from Locked to Unlocked.
  4. Conclude the meeting as usual.
  • You may also click the small gear icon to the right of the word Agenda, under the clock at the top left, and click Become Leader. Conclude the meeting as usual.

Important Meeting Information: Started meeting may just be a Preview Meeting, in which case you just have to click conclude and Exit Meeting Preview.

Important Options to Consider

Meetings that conclude before 12 minutes have elapsed and that last longer than 16 hours will not by default: Send out meeting summaries Archive People Headlines Archive To-dos If the meeting was started by accident, in the Conclude section you may want to select No One in the drop-down menu next to Send e-mail summary, and un-check the boxes next to Close completed to-dos and Close people headlines to preserve any items that have been completed or added since the last meeting. If left unchecked, these items will stay active in the meeting.

If the Close completed to-dos and Close people headlines boxes remain checked, the related items will be archived. You can review your archived items via the Meeting Archive. Please see this article for additional information: Reviewing the Scorecard, Rocks, People Headlines, To-Dos, Issues, and Notes in the Meeting Archive.

You may want to remove any accidental meetings from your meeting history. See this article on Using the Meeting Minutes

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