The Post Meeting Email Summary

Important Meeting Summary Information

Meeting summaries generated after January, 15th, 2021 can be found in the Meeting Minutes.

A post L10 email summary will help your attendees recall what transpired during your meeting. The summary email includes:

  • The number of Issues solved, the aggregate team To-Do completion %, the average user rating, and how long the meeting lasted in minutes, all at the top of the summary.
  • The remaining portion includes the team's outstanding To-Dos, Issues solved with notes, and People Headlines with notes.

Steps to ensure the summary is sent

  1. Click Meetings in the top menu bar
  2. Click Go to Meeting
  3. Prior to clicking the Start Meeting as Leader button, be sure all the attendees are checked even if they are not in attendance, you can decide to send the email summary only to those present later on. If a box is left unchecked, it does not give you this option later in the meeting.
  4. At the Conclude page of the meeting, the Send e-mail summary dropdown will allow you to send to:
  • No one
  • To all attendees (even those that are not present, the default setting)
  • To all that rated the meeting

  Troubleshooting tips if you are not receiving your email summary

  • Be sure that your email server has allowed the following address and/or domain: and/or 
  • At the bottom of the Conclude section of your meeting, uncheck the Try the new Email Summary Format
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