Manage Advanced Settings for Rocks

Moving Rocks Through the Advanced Settings:

  1. Click Meetings in the top menu bar.
  2. Click Edit Meeting on the gear icon button to the right of your meeting
  3. Click Advanced Settings (bottom left).
  4. Click on Rocks (on the word).
  5. Move Rocks from the left column to the right column to move them into the meeting.
  6. Click Save at the bottom.

Tip: The double arrow will move all rocks. The single arrow will only move the Rocks you have highlighted (Ctrl + Click to select a few rocks; Shift + Click to highlight a block). 

Tip: Use the filter to search for a rock title or the owner's name. 

Note: The rocks on the left are not part of your L10 meeting. The rocks on the right are currently in your meeting. You can also move rocks out of the meeting by moving them from the right column to the left column.

Combine company and individual Rocks: When checked, this will not include a separate section in your meeting that displays only Corporate or V/TO™ rocks. Rocks will be listed on the individual owner's list of rocks.

Rocks Format: Choose whether you would like Milestones turned on or off. See this link for additional details.

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