Zapier - Complete your Traction Tools To-Dos when Asana Task is completed.

1.     Sign in to your Zapier Account

2.     Click the Make A Zap button at the top left of the screen.
3.    Trigger

Connect your Asana account to Zapier, if you have not already done so. Add your Traction account and password

  • Click Choose an app ( Asana) 
  • Trigger Event ( Completed Task ) 
  • Click Continue
  • Choose your Asana account
  • Click Continue
  • Choose your Asana Workspace. 
  • Choose Project ( If left in blank Default to all completed Asana task under your name. 
  • Test Trigger

4.    Click Continue.

5. Action

  • Choose An Action, where the information will be pushed to. In this example, we are pushing information from Asana to Traction Tools. 
  • Choose an App and Event  (Traction Tools).
  • Action Event (Update To-Do completion).
  • Click Continue.

Choose your account Traction Tools account or Connect a new account.

Click Continue.

Set up action

To-Do name ( Choose Notes with your Traction Tools To-Do ID) 

Is complete? ( Choose True )
Test & Review or Test & Continue

Turn on Zap

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