Zapier - New Traction Tools To-Do creates an Outlook Calendar Event

  1. Sign in to your Zapier Account
  2. Click the Make A Zap button at the top left of the screen.
  3. Trigger ( New To-Do in Traction Tools) 
  • Choose an App and Event ( Traction Tools Beta) 
  • Trigger Event (New To-Do ) 
  • Click Continue
  • Choose your Traction Tools account or connect a new account. 
  • Click Continue
  • Set up trigger
  • (Optional) Filter On Owner ( Search for your name ) 
  • (Optional) Filter On Meeting ( We suggest leaving this field blank to send all visible created To-Dos) 
  • Test Trigger
  • Continue. 

4    . Action

Choose An Action, where the information will be pushed to. In this example, we are pushing information from Traction Tools to Outlook Calendar. 

Choose an App and Event  (Microsoft Office 365).

  • Action Event (Create Event).
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose your Microsoft Account account or Connect a new account.
  • Click Continue.

Set up action

  • Calendar ( Choose Calendar ) 
  • Subject ( You can choose the name of your To-Do from the dropdown list )  
  • Start Date & Time ( You can choose your Traction Tools due date from the dropdown list or you can set a different due date. For example,  you can type  + 1d at 10:15 AM so the due date will be one day after your Traction Tools To-Do was created. 
  • End Date & Time ( Can be same as your Traction Tools To-Do due date or you can type  + 1d at 10:30 AM so the End date will be one day after your Traction Tools To-Do was created. 
  • All Day Event  ( If "true", we'll ignore the time entered in the start and end time fields. For example, 2019-03-25 6 pm would become 2019-03-25.) 
  • Description( You can any notes and you can also add information from your Traction Tools To-Do from the dropdown list )
  • Show Me As Free Or Busy 

Test & Review or Test & Continue
Turn on Zap

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