Zapier - New Quickbook Expense will update the current week of a measurable only if a condition is met

  1. Sign in to your Zapier Account
  2. Click the Make A Zap button at the top left of the screen.
  3. Trigger ( New Expense in Quickbooks Online) 
  • Choose an App and Event (Quickbooks Online) 
  • Trigger Event (New Expense.) 
  • Click Continue
  • Choose your Quickbooks account or connect a new account. 
  • Test Trigger
  • Continue. 

4    . Action

Choose app ( Filter by Zapier ) 

Filter By Zapier allows you to create conditions and only if those conditions are met, the zap will keep going.  In this example, we want to update the current week of a measurable only if a condition is met. 

  • Choose an App ( Filters by Zapier ) 
  • Click Continue

Filter set up and testing

    Only continue if…

- Entity Ref Name           - Text Exactly Matches    - (Type the name of the Expense) 

Click Continue

Note: The message Your Zap would not have continued only means that your zap will stop if the conditions below are not met.  it passes the filter and the Zap continues.

Click the  at the bottom to keep working on your zap. 

4    . Action

Choose An Action, where the information will be pushed to. In this example, we are pushing information from Quickbooks to Traction Tools. 

Choose an App and Event  (Traction Tools ).

  • Action Event (Update current Score).
  • Click Continue.
  • Choose your Traction Tools account or Connect a new account.
  • Click Continue.

Set up action

  • Measurable ( Search the name of the measurable you need to update)  
  • Value ( From the Dropdown choose the Total Amt of your Quickbook Expense) 
  • Days Offset (Leave the field empty to update a current week or choose -7 to update last week) 
  • Test & Review or Test & Continue

Turn on Zap

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