Roll Out Traction Tools to Departmental Teams

We are excited you are rolling out Traction Tools to your departmental teams.  We have a team totally dedicated to making this process as easy as possible for you-- we will upload your new Level 10 Meeting™ data, add your users and even train them on the software!

Wait! Before you continue reading, download this handy onboarding checklist that you can use to guide you through your rollout!

Introducing your departments to EOS®

If any of your team members are new to EOS ®, we strongly recommend they read the EOS book(s) that best pertains to their role. These books include Traction:  Get a Grip on Your BusinessRocket Fuel: The One Essential CombinationGet a Grip: An Entrepreneurial FableHow to Be a Great Boss; and What the Heck Is EOS

Purchase Books here!

What the Heck is EOS? is a quick and easy read designed to introduce EOS to members of your organization by getting down to brass tacks about EOS principles.

Adding your departments to EOS 

When you’re ready to introduce your departments to EOS and Level 10 Meetings, please use our team here at Traction Tools as a resource! 

  1. You can fill out the Excel sheet linked below (or use your existing data) and send it in to requesting that your Level 10s are uploaded along with any special instructions our team would need.
  2. Prior to your teams’ first Level 10 Meetings, you will want to schedule a Power Hour training session for your new users. We will walk your new users through using the Workspace, running Level 10, and some important features they will need to know to get the most out of the software. This is a group session that all of your new users can attend at once to knock training out quickly and easily:

 The following resources will help you get to know Traction Tools and manage your Level 10 Meetings if you would prefer to add that information yourself.

Create Departmental L10 Meetings

The interactive video below will walk you through creating a new Level 10 Meeting, adding data to the meeting, and answer questions you might have about preparing to start running meetings of your own. This video offers great instruction for any department manager who wants to create a new Level 10 Meeting for their department and isn't sure where to start. Tip: if you have a double-screen setup, you can play this video on one screen and follow along in your Traction Tools account on the other!.

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