2021 May Update

Major Features

Minor Features

  • Meeting Workspace: Switch the name of the tile with the meeting name so it now shows Rocks: [Meeting name]. Before it was [Meeting name]: Rocks (which didn't work to identify the file if there was a long meeting name).
  • Enabled ability to see notes in Preview Meetings
  • L10 > Run Meeting > Conclude:

    - Changed rating up/down rating arrows to go up/down by whole numbers (was going up/down by 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc - now it goes up/down by 1,2.3, etc).

    - Cascading messages: Updated copy

  • Workspaces:
    - Increase the size of tile trash cans.
    Milestones tile: removed header that said "to-do" and it now shows the Rocks the milestone is associated with.

Bug Fixes

  • Primary workspace: "You can no longer view this workspace when first logging in" error is fixed.
  • L10 > edit meeting > Segue and People Headlines. fixed ability to edit title and adjust timing.
  • Virtual Sessions: Fixed Rock notes not saving on meeting summary.
  • L10 > Run Meeting: Fixed open Level 10 tutorial video in a separate tab.
  • Personal Scorecard can now be downloaded.
  • Edit Profile: Show color on scorecard unchecked is now working.
  • Quarterly Printout to-dos dates showing one day later than in TT software fixed.
  • Unarchived To-dos were not showing back up in the meeting they were archived in originally. This is now fixed.
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