2021 June Update


  • Add the ability to duplicate Accountability Chart Seats (duplicates the seat name and roles).
  • Ability to add a user from Accountability Chart by clicking on plus sign > Create a user (can also attach to a meeting).


  • Top Nav Bar - upper right-hand corner: Org name now shows even if you are on the account name.
  • L10 meeting
    - Dollar metrics ending in zero now show correctly (now shows as $7.50 - was showing as $7.5)
    - Scorecard Weekly Metrics - extra-long numbers now show up uniformly. If it's over 10,000 it shows as 10K, ten million shows as 10M, 10 billion as 10B.
    - When a user unfollows the leader then refollows the leader, the user now automatically syncs up with where the leader is on the agenda.
  • Workspaces:
    - If a user has a meeting workspace set as Primary Workspace and they are removed from that meeting, it defaults the Primary workspace back to default.
  • Accountability Chart
    - The left / right buttons on the AC Chart box now show for Mac users.
  • To-dos:
    - To dos were disappearing from Personal To-do and Meeting To-do tiles in the workspace if you preview a meeting or run a meeting and don’t archive to-dos. Fixed: To-dos remain in personal to-dos and meetings to-dos tiles until the meeting is run and to-dos are archived.
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