2021 October Update


  • Bring the "Whiteboard" option in the meeting, out of the "View" menu so it's easier to access.
  • Updated color of "Previous week" on the Scorecard
  • Responsiveness for all "Details" panels in a meeting so buttons do not overlap. (not optimized for mobile yet)
  • "Added images and a "create button" for all empty pages in a meeting. You will see this new "empty state" when your meeting page has no content. "

Bug Fixes

  • "Conclude page - fixed blank spaces in rating section. most noticeable with odd number of users in the meeting, or with certain resolutions. "
  • Fixed positioning of Video Conference, Suggestions, and Transcript tabs across the bottom of a meeting.
  • Updated expiration date fields to accept only numbers
  • Removed the extra header with the additional set of create buttons from all custom pages.
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