2021 November Update


  • Workspaces & Run meeting: Measurable Accountable dropdown loads list of the entire users in the account.
  • Updated Whale.io page (updated text with a link to their website)

Bug Fixes

  • Run meeting: The "Uncheck All" and "Randomize" buttons are visible without the need of hovering the cursor over the "Online" section.
  • Run meeting: Wrap long names for People Headlines
  • Fix for the misaligned "Accountable Owner" field in the Edit Rock modal
  • Run meeting: Removed opacity that appeared on Issues after prioritizing or voting on items.
  • Fixed Issues prioritization not getting in sync between attendees, issues not being displayed.
  • Fixed Issues that had votes removed when notes were updated from Workspace
  • Run meeting: Updated Rating boxes in the Conclude page to only accept values between 1 and 10
  • Run meeting: Fixed the Rock status update not showing up live for all attendees
  • Fixed Emails sent to non-selected users when creating Quarterly Conversations
  • Run meeting: IDS page - Clear Selection button disappears when switching to another agenda section with Votes (stars) enabled.
  • Run meetings: Fixed problem that caused newly-created Headlines to remove the details panels on To-dos and IDS pages.
  • Fixed the Scorecard misaligned rows caused by the dividers
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