2021 December Update

New Features

  1. New Settings to Share Headlines and Issues to any meeting available on the Advanced tab under the Manage Organization section. 
  2. Accountability Chart - Add text wrapping to roles up to 3 lines then show ellipses.
  3. Run meeting - To create a People Headline use Shift + P while running an L10 Meeting.
  4. Run meetings - IDS Page: Make the Issues Details panel remain on-screen when they are ordered in columns.
  5. Run Meetings - People Headlines - add an option for "Select all" when copying a headline to another meeting.
  6. Run Meetings - IDS Page: Add an option to number a user's IDS list.
  7. Tangent alert button.
  8. New forms for the "Refer a friend" and "Refer a client" buttons.
  9. New form to Request a data upload by clicking the "?" at the top right-hand corner of the workspace.

Bug Fixes

  1. Edit Meeting: People Headlines page - Profile Pictures have grey overlay removed.
  2. Conclude Page: Hitting the "ENTER" key after typing in your rating concludes the meeting.
  3. Nav Bar: “Menu” is showing two Accountability Chart options.
  4. Edit Meeting: To-dos & Issues pages - Fix positioning of the Plus-icon button.
  5. Edit To-do modal: The date Created is not displaying the correct date.
  6. Fix for the People Tools: Quarterly Conversation - Supervisors cannot evaluate direct reports and vice versa.
  7. Special Session Agendas - Fixed page headers to be sticky.
  8. Run meeting: To-do List - Incorrect "Late" label and remove the label from to-dos when the due date is updated.
  9. Run meeting: People Headlines - Fix for newly created headlines with bigger font size.
  10. Run meeting: Scorecard - Tooltips for creating context-aware items is not visible for aggregate to-do measurables.
  11. Run meeting: IDS - Fixes for the Show Numbers functionality (Number for a newly created issue with button disabled, update to the assignment of numbers after issues have been solved)
  12. Run meeting: Empty State Rock Review page has removed the detail panel
  13. Details section - Show icon to expand note box vertically while creating/editing modals.
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