2022 February Updates

New Features

  1. Reveal Rating feature
  2. The note pad can now be resized in Virtual Sessions
  3. Updated icons for buttons.
  4. Get Started page updated and simplified down to a one-page form.
  5. Login & Password Reset Page UI update.

 Bug fixes:
  1. Newly created rocks will now default to "On Track" instead of having an empty status.
  2. Adding new users - Users will be notified if the user they are creating already has the email registered.
  3. Mobile: Workspaces, Scorecard tile - We removed the first column that was appearing blank only in portrait view on mobile.
  4. Meeting - IDS show numbers feature: We now show the list numbers when a user chooses to restore an issue.
  5. Scorecard measurables: Fix for Goals listed as "between" not showing on the tile, in calculations, and not showing the correct wording in context-aware to-dos and issues.
  6. Run meetings: Rocks & To-dos -Fixed when users change owners of an item with no profile picture, a question mark would show instead of their profile icon with their initials.
  7. Run meetings: Rock Review page - Updated button placement for the context-aware buttons for Company Rocks and Rock Details panel.
  8. Run Meetings: To-Do list page with the empty state image showing, still displayed the details panel. Now only the empty state image will be visible.
  9. Run Meetings: Rocks Page - Edit Rock button from navigation panel updated, and the details panel was showing on the empty state image.
  10. Workspace: The Personal Scorecard tile now loads again the "Edit Measurable" modal.
  11. Meetings landing page - fixed the notification that was not popping up when you created an item from the top nav.
  12. Meetings - fixed the bug where the timer and tangent button would disappear for attendees.

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