Be Added to a Client Account

Be Added to a Client Account / Navigate Between Accounts

Important Implementer Information

If you do not have a free partner account yet, please sign up for one here

Being added to a client account

Implementer Steps

As an Implementer, you may have multiple clients, many of which may be using Traction Tools. You can be added to a client account at no extra cost.  The EOSI sharable link allows you to easily get connected to your client accounts with just a few steps.

Find your shareable link found in your Traction Tools account.

  • Navigate to your personal account:
    • Click the drop-down menu at the top right of the workspace by your name/icon.
    • Click Change Organization.
    • Click on your free partner account.
  • Click your name at the top right of the workspace.
  • Click Manage Organization.
  • Click on your name, from the Members list. This brings up your back-end detail page.

Copy the Sharable Link near the top of the page. If you do not see your Sharable Link, please reach out to support at

 4. Share the link with your client.

Important Information

Each user on an Implementer account will have their own unique link. However, one needs to have at least supervisor permissions to access their own link via the Manage Organization button.

Client Steps

1. The client needs to be signed into their own account, then click the  Sharable Link sent by your Implementer.

2. The client will be prompted to select the access level for the Implementer:

  • View all meetings - View-only access, no edit privileges.
  • Manage all meetings - Implementers can edit the V/TO™ & Accountability Chart.
  • Manage a single meeting - Implementers can edit the V/TO™, but not Accountability Chart.

3. Click  Link Implementer.

That's it! The Implementer has been added as a free seat. If the Implementer needs to be removed, the client would click their name at the top right of the Workspace > click Manage Organization > click the trash can icon to the far right of the Implementer's name/row on the Members list.

Additional information about access levels for Implementers

  • If you want to have the option/ability to edit the AC, or perform any other admin-related task, and/or be able to edit more than one L10 meeting – ask your client to select Manage All Meetings.
  • If you want to view (not edit) more than just one L10 meeting on the account – ask your client to select View All Meetings.
  • If you want to manage/view just one L10 meeting – ask your client to select Manage One Meeting (and tell them which one).
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