To-Dos - Creating, Editing, and Turning on Email Reminders

Creating a To-Do during a meeting

There is a  New Todo button in the meeting itself just under the menu bar at the top.

Using this New Todo button allows you to assign the To-Do to any attendee of your Level 10. You can even assign a To-Do to multiple people (not a shared To-Do; each user will get their own To-do).


For Scorecard measurables, Rocks, People Headlines, and Issues, towards the right side of each of these items is a checkbox, these are the Context-Aware To-do buttons and will include information about the item inside the newly created To-do.

Editing a To-do

Reassigning a To-do can only occur during a live meeting

See the instructions below: 

  1. Click the To-Do List agenda page on the left
  2. Click on the To-Do title
  3. Click on the current owner's name at the bottom right next to "Assigned to", in the side window that appears on the right
  4. Choose a new owner from the list of attendees
  5. Your change is updated immediately

 Edit the To-Do Title, Notes, Due Date, and Location

From the Workspace

Click on the To-Do in the tile on your Workspace and use the pop-up window to:

  • Update a To-Do title
  • Edit notes, Attachments, and Hyperlinks
  • Update due date by clicking on the date
  • Change which meeting a To-Do appears by using the From drop-down to select a new meeting or your individual To-Do list
  • Mark as complete
  • Click Save when done editing

 From the Manage Section

  1. Click Meetings in the top menu bar
  2. Click on the gear icon (Manage) button to the right of your meeting
  3. Click To-Dos on the left
  4. Click the To-do title to bring up the pop-up window
  5. Click Save when done editing

 During a Live Meeting

  1. Click the To-do List agenda page on the left
  2. Click the To-do title
  3. Use the panel on the right to update the title (at top), notes and attachments, owner, and the due date
  4. Use the panel on the right to edit the title (click the To-Do title at the top of the Notes panel to populate your cursor)

To-Do Email Reminder 

To-do reminder emails are sent 24 & 48 hours before a To-Do is due and every day that a To-Do is past due.

Account Wide Setup (admin only)

  1. Click the drop-down by your name/icon
  2. Click Manage Organization
  3. Click the Advanced Tab
  4. Scroll down to Default Time to send To-do Email:
  5. Choose a time or Do not send e-mail. GMT is London time and thus 5 hours ahead of EST and 8 hours ahead of PST
  6. Click Save at the bottom

 Personal Setup

  1. Click the drop-down by your name/icon
  2. Click Edit My Profile
  3. Click the drop-down next to To-Do Email send time:
  4. Choose a time or Do not send e-mail
  5. Click Save
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